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            We began our journey in 2013 by launching Dog Fashion Spa brand. Our dream was to create exquisite grooming products for dogs who are treated as family members and deserve the best personal care products, free of toxins and full of amazing scents that would make people keep hugging and smelling their dogs.

            Since then, Dog Fashion Spa shampoo and conditioner have become our signature classics, known for their high quality and unmistakable scent. We took the market (and NBC’s Today show) by storm with Dog Fashion Spa lotions that heal dry skin and allow dogs to have luxuriously soft fur. Unapologetically human-like, Dog Fashion Spa male and female dog fragrances have been featured by Fox News, Daily News New York, Perez Hilton, and ABC7.

            We have become committed to educating dog parents about how to take care of their dogs to keep them healthy and happy and make them look and smell good. Today more people understand the importance of using antibiotic-free eye pads to clean around their dog’s eyes daily and moisturizing dogs’ paw pads with paw+nose moisturizer.

            We brought dog nail care to the next level by introducing true non-toxic nail polishes and nail polish remover that is good for dogs and dog moms.  Dog Fashion Spa crystal glass nail file has become our signature grooming accessory, allowing dogs who are afraid of clippers enjoy pawdicures, capturing the essence of Quality Life for Dogs®.

            Our obsession with aromatherapy for dogs resulted in creating essential calming oils that help relaxing dogs who are afraid of thunderstorms, fireworks or have travel or general anxiety.  We added essential oils to soap-infused wash sponges and watched dog parents go crazy about them while industry buyers named our wash sponges best new grooming product of 2014.

            Dog Fashion Spa accessories introduced best-in-class brushes, bathing mats for safer, slip-free bathing experience, and bathrobes to help comfort dogs after baths.

            Our second creation, Dog Fashion Living, was launched in fall of 2014 and became a lifestyle brand for dogs and dog parents. Dog Fashion Living features dog dining mats, dog bandanas and dog parent apparel and gifts.  As we develop this brand, we are committed to creating products that support Quality Life for Dogs®  and deliver the message about our bond with dogs through unique designs without words.

            DF Beautifool PET is our latest passion, born in summer 2015. This line features Italian-designed and made furniture and accessories for cats and dogs. That's right, dear cat lovers, we heard your wishes and introduced our first cat products! They are as exquisite as our products for dogs because cats deserve no less than that!

            We welcome dog parents and businesses to share our love for dogs and cats and quality of life for people and all animals.  We are always available to talk to you via phone 917.775.9090, email hello@dogfashion.us or live chat on our website. 

            We would love to hear your feedback, product reviews, business collaboration offers and more!  Do not hesitate to reach out to us :-)

            Thank you for reading about who we are and KEEP LOVING YOUR PETS!



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